Ready to upgrade to more accurate transponders with no subscription fees? Detect transponders from other brands - ask about the NEW HYBRID SYSTEM!

Just ask your neighboring track, or any of the 500+ organizations worldwide why they choose Westhold as their automated race timing system provider.

"Eagle Raceway (1 badass race track) was proud to be the test facility for the newest version of Westhold transponders. We have a lot of weird stuff happen at Eagle, so I figure if it could happen anywhere, it will here. Sure enough, opening day, a car crossed the finish line 4' off the ground and upside down. The new Westhold system caught and scored it. Wow. The next week a car passed inside the scoring loop by about 2 car widths. The new Westhold system caught and scored it. I have determined Westhold's scoring system is far superior to our previous system we used for years. Eagle Raceway will tell anybody that the new Westhold scoring system is 1 BADASS scoring system."
-Roger Hadan – Eagle Raceway Owner/Promoter

Race Timing Systems

We have several affordable transponder options to suit any type of racing, and our decoder (IDEC) can now detect transponders from other brands. Ask about the new HYBRID SYSTEM.


Our LED scoreboards are compatible with numerous transponder timing systems. We offer vertical and horizontal scoreboards with various digit size options.

NEW - Available now! TX-Sport Transponders

Westhold is proud to introduce an affordable active transponder with replaceable battery designed for a wide range of active sports, including cycling, running, skating, biathlon, and more. No charging necessary. Replaceable internal battery (battery life 2-3 years, depending on usage. Non-use shelf life up to 9 years).