Take advantage of LED technology! Westhold has excellent deals on a wide range of low maintenance, high brightness LED scoreboards. COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER SCORING SYSTEMS! Scoreboards of varying sizes and layouts are available. We offer a 10% discount on the entire order when a scoreboard is purchased with a system. Please give us a call to find out about our suprisingly low prices!

6", 10", 16", 24" and custom digit heights available. 40 feet of viewing distance for each inch of digit height.

Horizontal, vertical, black flag, message boards, video boards all customizable. Red or yellow colored LEDs available. Enclosures can be made in steel or aluminum.

All Westhold scoreboards are wirelessly controlled using Race Manager software or standalone software.

Scoreboards are made to order and can have as many positions as you would like.

Each numeral consists of 7 segments. Individual segments can be replaced instead of entire digits.

Westhold scoreboards are compatible with other race management systems.