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Race Manager Software (Supports IDEC and IDU Systems)

  • Race Manager Intro (VIDEO)
  • NOTE: If you have any version prior to you may want to uninstall it first.

    • Race Manager (Version

      • Updates:

      • • Demo mode now uses PC time instead of starting from Jan 1 2000
      • • RMonitor network feed listens on all network interfaces including
      • • Bug Fix: If missing last name in assignment, Timing screen Place grid would display no name even if first name exists
      • • Bug Fix: When using RMonitor serial feed the RMonitor 'Enable Network' also had to be enabled
    • Race Manager (Version

      • Updates:

      • • Option to display laptimes and speed on yellow
      • • Output <FLAG> and <CROSSTIME> in XML data under <CROSS> section
      • • Output <STARTTIME> in XML data under <SESSION> section
      • • Bug Fix: Reopening of result file displays zero for lap count.
      • • Bug Fix: Last lap display would reopen when a new crossing occurred
    • Race Manager (Version

      • Updates:

      • • Enable/Disable Place update when racing to yellow
      • • Sort Assignments by alpha & numeric order. Race 1, Race 2, Race 10 versus Race 1, Race 10, Race 2
      • • Bug Fix: Reopening of result file does not display Official Results correctly
      • • Bug Fix: Enabling scoreboard does not open if COM port originally was opened under system/status control
      • • Bug Fix: Enable scoreboard would not open COM port unless Race Manager was restarted
    • Race Manager (Version

      • Updates:

      • • Transponder Check
      • • Auto Discover IDEC
      • • Enabled/Disable unique ID in RMon field
      • • Change lap time precision for racedata.xml output
      • • Bug Fix: Adjusted laps reset when updating assignment
      • • Bug Fix: Crash when COM port lost (e.g. unplug USB/Serial adapter)
    • Race Manager (Version

      • Updates:

      • • Last lap indicator
      • • Continue previously run session
      • • Laps column in Lineup window
    • Race Manager (Version

    • Race Manager (Version

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    • RMViewer - Remote data viewer software for PC

      RMViewer (Version 2.02)

    Scoring Software

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    Sign Master - Virtual Scoreboard Controller for Daktronics and Westhold Scoreboards

    Terminal Emulation

    Web Server Suite